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I created this website because  I have loved sports of all kinds my entire life, and I love taking pictures and capturing moments in the heat of competition.  This passion of mine started with pictures of my own kids but has expanded exponentially since then.  As you can see from  the many galleries I have created, I will shoot pictures of any sport: rowing, cross-country running, track and field, field hockey, fencing, soccer, football, and gymnastics.  I am always ready to add to the list.  Rowing, of course, is my greatest passion.  

A Site for Athletes, Coaches, Families, and Friends


This site is primarily designed to benefit  athletes, coaches, families, and friends.  Smart phone technology is truly amazing, but as good as it is, your smart phone camera  simply cannot compete with professional  quality equipment and photos.   We have all been to sporting events where  virtually everyone is obsessively taking pictures from a distance with their smart phones.  This site is meant to allow  you to put the phone down, live in the moment, and let me take the pictures for you.  I know you will love the pictures and will welcome the ability to focus on the event. These are championship quality photos that   will far surpass anything you could take yourself with a smartphone  or otherwise and because you can download them directly to your device at full resolution, you will be able to easily print or  post them on your favorite social media platform. 

The Honor System: Please Tag Me


Many people have asked me why I "give away" professional quality photos at no charge.  The answer is simple:  I am not in this for the money; I take sports and action pictures because I love to do it.   The knowledge that athletes, coaches collegiate sport information departments, families and friends are using my photos by saving them in their own collections, posting them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media is compensation enough for me. The only request I have is that if you do post one of my pictures, please tag me.  

  • Instagram: @atshepley_sportpics
  • Twitter:  @AaronTShepley
  • Facebook:  aaron shepley 

Note that if you are old-school and  want to purchase prints (framed or otherwise) of any of the photos you can do that on this site for a price through SmugMug but you will only be paying their cost.  I will collect nothing. 

Contact Me

If you like the photos on my site and would like to know where my schedule will take me next, please feel free to contact me. My focus has been on Stanford University Sports teams and multiple rowing events over the past few years but if you would like me to cover your event and I am available, I may be willing to do it. Please note that if you would like me to cover an event I am not already planning to attend, I may request that you reimburse my travel expenses especially if the event is outside of my geographic territory.

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Upcoming Events

  • July 5-7 Chicago Sprints Regatta, Chicago, IL,
  • July 20, Intelligentsia Cup Chicago, Tour of Lake Ellyn, Glen Ellyn, IL,
  • July 21, Intelligentsia Cup Chicago, Dennis Jurs Memorial Road Race, Elgin, IL.
  • July 24-28, U23 World Rowing Championships, Sarasota FL, USA

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